Oscar Torres (Ibiza, 1989) is a graphic designer (but prefers to be appointed as a excited creative) currently living in Barcelona.

His multiple experiences in different graphic design scopes made him curious and constantly aiming to achieve perfection in any project he undertakes while made him confident and secure facing new projects with courage and auto-critique. He believes that constantly working hard will enable him to improve.

Paralel to his studies in Elisava, he has been working as a freelance always accepting any projects that were offered. This has allowed him to develop the capacity to work independently and learn how to clearly communicate with any customers or clients supporting and selling his ideas. He has also worked for two companies with total opposite profiles, Adding cdm and DesignRepublik where he has learnt how to optimize his time while working with a large creative team and to independently resolve any problems with design and customer satisfaction.

Oscar's work is based in provide solutions to problems, exploring different ways of communication , enjoying creativity and, of course, in understand people.

For further information about me Download my resume PDF.