Hello Future

Personal Project

With this phrase this project was born. The world is changing faster and faster. We can't travel to the future to explain to them how the world is now, but we can leave a message in the present to be read in the future. What can we say to someone in the future? To know this, we should imagine the future and compare it with our present. Traveling a thousand years to the future then coming back to the present, choose the issues that have changed the most and talk about the contrast between then and now. As I said, this is my message for someone in the future but “written” in a subjective way.

The project is contained in a capsule, which was designed by Miguel Uribarri. Now it is in a safe place, and if someone finds it in a thousand years, they'll be able to read my message.

After traveling to the future using my Delorian, and coming back again, I can talk to you about the following points:

“I was terrified to know that I could die at any moment without knowing when or where”

Imagine that you're in a future in which it is almost impossible to die. There are no accidents, no car crashes, all diseases can be cured and there are medicines to remain forever young. Let's compare that future with our present: Currently there is a statistic which says that every second someone in our world dies. How many ways of dying do you know? I have listed 100 ways to die to showcase “how easy it is to die now”, the emphasis of this poster.

“They told me how to live, but I didn't notice”
Capitalism will disappear as a global system. I've seen a future without the media bombardment, where everybody is free to do what they want. The new system is not based on creating necessities for the consumers to generate more business. This poster is inspired by the film “They Live” (John Carpenter, 1988).

“Food on earth was always poorly distributed”

Hopefully starvation will be eradicated in the future and poor food management too. At present there are 924 milion people without enough food to eat and every 4 seconds someone dies of hunger. Many of us are made aware of these world affairs through news programmes, ironically, whilst eating, wasting and throwing away approximately 1.300 tonnes of food every year.

“If I could travel into space, I would find...”

Who has not dreamed about traveling into space? According to the theories of Nick Bostrom humans travelling into space will be a reality in the not-so-distant future. This poster is pure imagination: what would we find if we travelled into space?

“I am the result of some coincidences”

We are the result of many coincidences, I mean, there are cause and effect events throughout our lives that result in a man and a woman meeting, getting to know one another, potentially falling in love, and having a child. “Brave new world” by Aldous Huxley explores another way of conceiving humans. In his book humans are created in a laboratory in a pre-determined process, without the randomness that I've been talking about. How will human beings be conceived in the future?

Year: 2012

Customer: Personal project