Ñam (Yum)


Fanzine which talks about food from an alternative point of view. It consists of three sections: The first one is called “Ñam, Ñam, Ñam”, talks about the experience of the fanzine gastronomic travelers team. They explain their own experiences about weirdest food ever around the world.
In the secont section, “Coocking with ñam”, we can find two different food recipes not suitables for sensitive stomachs.
At the end, in “I can't believe it” two articles about the gastronomic world are narrated to let your mouth open!

There is a booklet in any fanzine which talks about one specific theme. In this case, we have “Vampires in the world”, eight different ways to eat / drink blood in different cultures arround the world. Want to read Ñam (Yum)? Have a look here

Year: 2012

Customer: Personal project