Hello Melbourne

Take a look at some Melbourne-inspired shots that I made over here

I'm currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Such a wonderful cosmopolitan city wich reminds me of my beloved Barcelona.

This is the city of the good people from a lot of different cultures, the beaches, especially the colorful Brighton beach, the awesome places you can find just a ride away, the Fitzroy neighborhood, the barbaques and beer passion, the unpredictable weather with four seasons in one day, the outdoor activities, the curious ring ring of traffic lights...
And, of course, this is the Australian capital of Art and Design, you just have to take a little walk around the city to realize it.
I've got the chance to collaborate with some local design companies while I'm still working on some projects as a freelance and on some other personal ones. In this section you are going to see what I'm doing in my free time; hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it.